Trying to 'fix' quickbox. installation



So I am trying to re-install quickbox due to various issues.
The packages seem to work fine, except for plex and the dashboard.
The dashboard would no longer load/ show itself, and I got an error in plex for which the developers there said to re-install plex.
Seemingly I have to update this no matter how, (I was going to rtorrent just by the history of using the web-ui)

However as you can see in the image it’s not letting me delete the quickbox folder(s), and as you can see this was done as root.

A fresh-install is an option, but due to large amounts of files on the disk I would rather try a different method(s) first.


do sudo rm -rf /etc/QuickBox/and not just ~/QuickBox


EDITED: not an issue .


Ignore that message. Happens if you changed hostname during QuickBox install.
Im sure that message has nothing to do with any problems you might have

have a look at /etc/hostname & /etc/hosts


I’ll take a look, does this mean I’ll just have to check the hostnames match?

Also I got the dashboard back!
Let’s see how Plex is doing.

And thank you.


the /etc/hostname needs to contain the host name and host name only
you might need to edit /etc/hosts/and replace previous host name.