Trying ot add Sonarr after quickbox install

Been trying for the last 2 hrs to add the rtorrent that comes with quickbox to sonarr as a download client to no prevail, Couchpotato added it just fine. Anyone on here that has made it work?

Have you attempted these settings (naturally replacing ‘quickbox’ with your own username)

you the real MVP, that should be documented somewhere, searched the forums only 3 things with sonarr in them. Also im loving the customization of this.

I would try to stick to SickRage’ i have noticed Sonarr has a bad issue; of having packages saying there is a upgrade when there isn’t any verisar

Honestly i didnt know SickRage indexed torrents, thats awesome, i think ill leave sonarr for TV and have SickRage for anime, for notification reason, even though the email per series and subject things in sickrage look really appealing.

How did you add sonarr and couchpotato to the gui?
Did you install them with apt-get and they appear in the gui?
I’m on the latest version but I see no sonarr or cp in the “packages” section.



Thanks for this.
So, before I do this editing, I need to install sonarr and couchpotato normally right?

Do I have to run it with a specific user?
Thanks for clarifying, I’m not an experienced linux user.

You should be able to run it as root. There is no particular reason to run it as a user. Just change the settings accordingly after it is installed. The settings to integrate to the menu are simply hard-coding it so it is there. This will however be built into future versions (both install and uninstall). That version is looking ot be due for release this weekend.


As always @JMSolo, spot on.
Ok then, I will wait a future release, whenever it may come.
Thank you.