Trouble with Deluge

I have just setup iRSSi-AutoDL to download torrents from IPTorrents and put them in the Deluge watch folder so Deluge automatically downloads torrents for me. But im having one problem, basically when they get added to deluge they start but dont pickup that people are seeding the torrent (I can fix this by pausing and then unpausing the torrent) Im missing out on the inital phase of the torrent because of this bug, any suggestions?

Add a delay - trackers like IPT typically need 45-61 seconds delay. This is a bug in their own tracker software, which causes the torrent to be announced before it has been registered

Okay brilliant thanks for the response, I will try that now.

Just tried that and put 55 seconds delay, it added a torrent and the seeder started seeding about 10 minutes after it was added but Deluge said there was still 0 seeders, pausing it and resuming it fixed it.

does deluge irssi have to load from a saved file? can you not in deluge tell it to start working and let it wait for seeds?

ionly know rtorrent and i know my ipt torrents start immediately…

(i dont know deluge at all -might just install it to have a looksee)