Transmission web control GUI not working

Newbie here. Can anyone confirm if transmission web control gui from the sidepanel works for them? I cannot seem to connect from there although I can successfully connect from a standalone windows transmission gui application and also from android. I have tried with/without port 9091 and no luck :frowning:

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Made some progress myself on this today.
Did the following:

cd /usr/share/transmission/web
sudo cp index.original.html index.html


sudo service transmission-daemon stop
export TRANSMISSION_WEB_HOME=/usr/share/transmission/web
sudo service transmission-daemon start

So the GUI now works @ http://yourip:9091/transmission/web/ from browser. The link from the sidebar still does not work.

This is a workaround as I presume I will loose the export on the next reboot.

Edit: fresh install on Ubuntu 16.04 (on a vps)

the new transmission web control has changed its install script(enhanced version), which haven’t being merged into this repo. you can try my script in

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Thank you. Will have a look at the script :slight_smile:


I don’ know how can I install your script. could you tell me the procedure to install Transmission with your script ?

You can easily replace the script and execute it

cd /etc/QuickBox/packages/package/install/
chmod +x installpackage-transmission