Trakt List & Radarr - What a Great Idea!

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If you’re anything like me, you like automation. You don’t like having to manually add movies into Radarr and wait for them to be made available to download and you don’t want to miss that latest blockbuster movie that has just come out in the cinema. So you’re thinking to yourself, “How can I make Radarr smarter?” Well the answer is a lot simpler than you think.

I use Trakt.Tv to trakt what I watch and find out what new TV Shows and Movies are coming out. One of my friends introduce this service to me and I love it! But what I love even more, is that other users have created extensive lists of movies and TV shows that you can follow. These lists can then be integrated into Radarr and automatically be added to Radarr too!

As you can see, I monitor a lot of lists! That’s because I really don’t want to miss anything. Then whenever the lists gets updated on Trakt, it’ll pull through onto my Radarr, add the movie into my list and start monitoring it for any downloads. This is especially great for new movies that come out as I want to ensure that I don’t miss anything.

Now we come to an awkward area. Unfortunately, Sonarr does not have the same functionality. I’ve seen many forum posts, reddit posts, and issues on their github asking for it, but it appears that the developers do not wish to add this. I don’t really understand why as it is a popular feature and can save so much time in adding TV shows manually. However, they are focused on the development of version 3 of Sonarr right now so it most certainly won’t be coming out soon. 

can you post your lists please?