Tracker certificate invalid, rtorrent startup modification question


One of the private trackers that I use has a self signed certificate most likely. Rtorrent gives me an error message

Tracker: Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with known CA certificates

I used the link below to add the certificate to my system.

I manually added the certificate in my system, and restarted rtorrent, but it still does not recognize the certificate. One of the posts tells me to start rtorrent with the -o http_capath=/etc/ssl/certs switch, can somebody point me in the direction where I can make this change.

I also added the line to my .rtorrent.rc, to no avail

http_capath = /etc/ssl/certs

Further if I do make this change, will it get over-written when QuickBox does an upgrade?

Any thoughts appreciated!


Just to make sure, when you edit “.rtorrent.rc”, rtorrent is stopped right? I can’t recall, but I think it’s best to stop it when making config change.

You can add the flag to the service I believe. Let me try and get more info when I get to a computer.