Torrents directory & NextCloud

I search to integrate the Deluge torrents directory on Nextcloud but I don’t find anything to do this.
Do you have a tutorial for this ?

Thanks, Best regards, FD.

Hi, You can add the Deluge directory with the “external storage” option in parameter.

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OK, thanks, it’s work.

But I can’t upload files (manually or with the client) on this folder. Do you have a idea to change this ? My torrent’s folder has a CHMOD777 for all users.

My Nextcloud install messed up, I wait support for reparation and I will be able to answer you ! ^^

Well, I put my installation back into operation.
I can upload files. For me my files are property of “www-data” and “read & write” for everyone. Remember to allow sharing when you save the “external storage”, finally if you wish.

Hi I try the same things to put my Rtorrent folder into Nextcloud. I have done it with external storage but I can’t upload files, my directorie are property of “www-data” and “read-write” for every one but I can’t upload file in it.