Torrent location changed?



I have been updating quickbox all day and it looks like I’m on 2.4 now.

before my torrents would end up in /home/msan/torrents
now they are in /home/msan/torrents/rtorrent
rutorrent still thinks they should be in /home/msan/torrents

I could move them all back, but that’s probably not good for future quickbox updates…


There is an update that refers to this and more at this moment. The reason for the sudden push in 2.4 is due to some of the 2.4 features that were tested did wind up in 2.3.7, however, some key items and arrangements have been skipped.

One of the biggest request we’ve had next to deluge getting added was the means of separating their directories for ease of understanding what’s what from those running both clients in tandem.

The update hre in the next 30 minutes will add the needed fix to your .rtorrent.rc file that will inform rtorrent to look inside of /torrents/rtorrent. This update however, will involve us to need to select all torrents and then right click, followed by ‘Save to…’ and then point them to save inside the rtorrent directory. We could do this automatically, however, it could cause issues and lead to dead/abandoned torrents and thus report the ratio (to you, not the tracker) as 0.

I will let you know when to run the update.

You should already be able to do the following to see some of these current changes, with a couple minor fixes following:

cd QuickBox
git checkout master && git pull

This should highlight some of the additional updates (you may see a lot).


they were moved because we wanted to keep rutorrent and deluge separate.

also i hope that is a typo on your part for the Dir cuz it should be


your too fast XD


Thanks, that worked!


what about those who use automove to move torrents to correct directories; I haven’t seen a issue yet running the beta but I want to make sure i wouldn’t be in a shocked placed :smiley:


This should be ok, here is what’s happening: ${A1} = master sudoer account
However, you are on the developers preview as a member of Beta Squad, you will need to remove the Dev Referrence and migrate to the public release by doing this:

rm -rf QuickBox
git clone --recursive QuickBox
cd QuickBox
git checkout master && git pull
bash ~/QuickBox/packages/system/updateQuickBox

Here is what is happening for the move functions as per rtorrent and deluge being separate.

function _updateapachealias() {
  cd /etc/apache2/sites-enabled
  if [[ -f aliases-seedbox.conf.orig ]]; then
    rm -r aliases-seedbox.conf.orig
  mv aliases-seedbox.conf aliases-seedbox.conf.orig
  cp -r ${local_setup}templates/aliases-seedbox.conf.template /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/aliases-seedbox.conf
  sed -i "s/USERNAME/${A1}/g" /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/aliases-seedbox.conf

  service apache2 reload  >> /dev/null 2>&1

function _updateuserhome() {
  cd /home/"${A1}"/torrents
  if [[ -d rtorrent ]]; then
    mv deluge /home/"${A1}"/deluge
    cd ..
    mv torrents rtorrent
    mkdir -p torrents
    mv deluge torrents/deluge
    mv rtorrent torrents/rtorrent
    sed -i "s/directory = \/home\/${A1}\/torrents\//directory = \/home\/${A1}\/torrents\/rtorrent/g" /home/"${A1}"/.rtorrent.rc
  systemctl restart [email protected]"${A1}".service


ok well I will watch for the go time to progress forward…with any annoying bug reports with my disk widget :smiley:


I’ve already been motivating myself in the mirror, ready for all the complaints! :kissing_closed_eyes:


you may want that bottle of vodka our friend dtech has :smiley:


I’m discussing that with him right now.