Torrent Download Folders

Is there an easy way during install to set alternate Torrent download folders? I’d like to have them located on my ZFS pool which is outside of my /home folder. Thanks!

no not during install of quickbox. but after if you wanted to break the jailed home you could do it would be some work but it can be done.

Hmm, that’s unfortunate. I’ll have to think about this some more.

The main reason is because the install makes jailed users so that the user can not get out of their directory, reason for this is security and privacy. you would not one user getting into another’s porn :stuck_out_tongue: and or grabbing a private key, and much more. but like i said it could be done. you would just need to understand permissions and the topdir.

Why not mount the other storage under your home dir?

Just make a Mount point and Mount it up.

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Well, here’s my situation. On my dedicated server, I have QuickBox running on Ubuntu 16.04 installed on a 250GB SSD. Mounted at /mnt/Storage/ is my 32TB ZFS zpool.

On occasion, I’ll have downloads larger than 250GB and certainly will keep stuff seeding for a while so I’ll need to have the downloads located on the zpool and seed from there.

As a test, I edited .rtorrent.rc to set the default downloads folder to my zpool and then restarted rtorrent. It seemed to work fine. I think this will be okay moving forward.

Any concerns with this?

I have tested with using the mounting method which I will describe below. Keep in mind that mounting preserves directory and file permissions, so your target directory will need to have the necessary permissions beforehand. The command to mount a directory to somewhere within your home directory is as follows:
sudo mount --bind /target/directory/outside/home /home/user/destination/directory

Keep in mind that the destination directory you want to mount to must be an empty directory. This mount will only work for the current session, to keep it enabled even after reboot you will need to edit your /etc/fstab file to include the following:
/target/directory/outside/home /home/user/destination/directory none bind

To unmount use:
sudo unmount /target/directory/outside/home

I hope this helps!