Thumbnail creation takes too long time


I downloaded a test torrent of a video file and tried creating its image sheet. It seems that ffmpeg is taking too long time for creating a single Thumbnail. (It took me 100-110 seconds) (My server is E3-SAT 2 on SoYouStart with only 1 torrent in seedbox).

Also the size of generated Image Sheet was 1.5-2 MB. I think it should be between 250-600 KB.

I have tried creating screenshots by this tool :
But it was via SSH, and it took 3-4 seconds. and the size of image was 450 KB.

Guys I am not at all complaining about the script This script is wonderful, and to see it freely available with such a great community and support is superb.

Thanks & warm regards.

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have you played with the file manager screenshot settings?

After installation I took the Screenshot without changing any settings. Later on I did change the row to 3 and column to 9. Yes it reduced the file size and few seconds too. But not that much though.

With the above mentioned tool (Movie Thumbnail) it takes 3-5 seconds and for the same image quality and same rows and columns. Also the size of image was 450 KB which in comparison to 2.5 MB is too less.

if we could find someone to take the time to develop a plugin or dock app gui might be an idea.

though i will say the tools used for the link you shared is what make the screenshots work already so it’s really just settings and quality i think the moviethumbnailer might be cutting some of the quality out
I have not tried it so i do not know.

The culprit here is mostly ffmpeg. I’m not sure how much of this is quickbox vs your cpu etc…

I’ve pushed a commit to the v2.3.8 branch that expands the ffmpeg compile options. Perhaps this will help.

i did one previously with my m2ts configured box and it took maybe 20-30 seconds with the fact this was a 33 gb file