Throwing it all back to where it started...

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On this day, last year to be precise, we launched a very special thing. In fact, it’s this. Our blog!

We have spent the last year providing you with weekly news, updates, stories, reviews and more about various elements of QuickBox, the applications it can install, favourite shows/movies, our services, tools, and so much more.

This was one of the key things that I introduced when I first joined the QuickBox staff and it was received with open arms. The team provided me with great support, and some awesome topics to cover and I got to writing straight away.

We create these blog posts to stay engaged with you, our community and our customers, and we value your feedback. We love posting on our website with regular updates and covering topics we want to talk about.

Our blog posts also help us engage with the wider community and help promote the services that we offer. By posting every week, we slowly but surely increase our exposure to allow us to do more awesome things with the software!

We know you love reading these every week, and we’re so pleased that you continue to enjoy them. We’ve got some fantastic posts coming up in the coming weeks, along with some awesome news to announce as well about future events.

So keep following our blogs, and don’t forget to join us on Twitter where we tweet every day (or just about).

If you’d like to read our very first blog post, then you can do so by clicking here.