This Server is OFF Limits

Hi. So I did a Run Update on my dash and after logging into the server, I was met with the following warning when entering as su. I think the message I would receive prior was a little friendlier, and mentioned commands such as basicprompt etc. If I remember correctly. Should I be worried about this new message? [This Server is OFF limits]. Posting a screenshot of what I’m seeing as well.

Thanks for the help.

This is nothing more than an entry message on your server. Obviously, it’s your server… it’s not off limits. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it was huge an bulky and people still asked how to change command prompts :neutral_face:. There is going to be a Wiki entry posted later on today that will go over all the current QuickBox commands… even those hidden gems that still… nobody has found. :wink:


after doing box upgrade, i got same error for “This server is OFF limit”

its seem i cant use sudo.

sudo su

################### This Server is OFF limits ####################
 You are running QuickBox v2.4.9
 Your logged IP is 
 Your BASH version is 4.3
 Fri Mar 17 23:07:40 MYT 2017



Let me clear something up real quick. This is not an error… it’s a message… nothing more. Call it a notice to anyone who gains access to your server (unlikely unless your password is password or something equally weak). I’ll change this as I guess too many people are going to think linear and over think these logics.

Why not? Nothing in the update removes sudo. sudo su places you to root user… that looks like you are in fact, rooted.


Yeah, that is bit misunderstanding about that message.

i think u need to change that word :smiley:

after done that, i cant access my files that located ,

“404 not found”

i dont change anything.


did you have someone install this for you? or did you do it yourself?


for upgrading? or entire quickbox? for upgrade, i do myself, for entire quickbox install, im using guru install.

Ok now after doing box upgrade the message appears on my box

i think, for that message, its should be change later. its good now.

i cant access direct download link, give 404 not found.

I totally get what the message is trying to convey now. Not a problem at all. By the way, did that wiki entry go up already on the hidden commands? If you could link to it, I’ll love you forever.

Messages like that are pretty common on production servers for legal reasons. Kind of like posting a “no trespassing” sign

Did you solve the problem? I got the same 404 here :confused: