The Marvel Cinematic Universe - My thoughts on this franchise (no spoilers)

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As we are all content consumers, it is only fair that in this blog that we discuss about various pieces of content. Over the coming weeks I’m going to be sharing my thoughts, opinions, musings and more about various pieces of film and TV.

In this blog post (just in case you didn’t see the title) I’m going to be sharing my thoughts around the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Especially as Avengers Endgame has now been released digitally, I have been so excited to see the big finally of a long historic film franchise.

Now, for those who don’t know, my favourite Avengers are Iron Man and Spider-Man (ironic right?). I love the relationship that these characters have as well as the naive banter between the two as well. I watched the Iron Man films back in the day without really knowing what the future held for these films. I enjoyed the films and I wanted to see more.

However, I really struggled with the Thor films. I just could not get into them at all! No matter what I did, or how hard I tried, I couldn’t watch them. I would instantly turn my brain off and go do something else, or watch something else. Until Thor Ragnarok that is. I LOVED this film!

This was the first time I had laughed at Thor….. or maybe with Thor? I loved how he wasn’t going to take himself seriously, and be funny but move the story forward.

However, I couldn’t write this post without talking about Endgame in further detail. Apart from the eye-watering 3 hour run time, and no end credit scenes, this was the most perfect film and I was so excited, nervous, and happy to be watching this film. I was so excited that I did pay to go see it.

Apart from watching my fluid intake, I went on my own, laughed out loud, almost cried and just felt joy watching this franchise wrap up a lot of story lines. Even if you’re a DC fan, you have to give credit where credit is due and Marvel has been working work to create this intertwined universe.

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