Thank you for a excuse to learn more :)

Just wanted to express my gratitude in your time and awesome project.
i been with quickbox since version 2.0.1. I think that your project will be the cats meow eventually.
seems im having my own issues updating to the current version but there is a positive there in that im learning a lot.

i use a dedicated server and i have had it for about 8 years. slowly upgrading when its affordable.
i have my few ideas to maybe throw in at some point and time. as it stands i have plex setup with my server and to load videos and such from amazon cloud drive.

its a work in progress but i know with the new site and all i should be able to work out any issues i have here.

so a big THANKS to you and all the beta boys with the time it must take and the knowledge that must be needed to make this boat float down that river of life.

so keep it up and i hopes to be a bigger part of the community here.
as a great person once said, Happy, Happy… Joy,Joy!

in debt to all of you guys who are a part of this project. keep the faith :grinning:


All the thanks goes to @JMSolo he is the brains, we are all just test subjects lol. this script is going to grow and grow hopefully. Need to get a few more programmers working on it so it’s not just one programer. beta testers only find the problems lol

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Just a quick question on the Amazon integration, did you encrypt the information before uploading?

What tutorial, if any did you follow? I’m going to have a bash off this tomorrow.


i picked away at info here.
also some other info from others scripts i found around the net.
i have only had 4 simultaneous streams at one time but it got no complaints so it must have worked. not sure if all 12+ people that have access could be smooth. i would like to try lol