Teamviewer as QB option?

Call me crazy, but how does the idea of including teamviewer as an option in the dashboard sound? X2Go is fine but requires one to download a client. Teamviewer has the distinct advantage of being web-based. Seems like a plus to me.

Just gauging interest.

tbh kinda scary giving teamviewer complete ability to spy on you…

oh hadn’t thought of that. is that a legit risk? i thought any connection made was encrypted.

IDK but teamviewer blocking me for no reason kinda makes me lose
faith in them

They’re probably not interested in spying on you, but their breach a few years ago drives home the fact that you can’t be too careful which companies you put your trust in.

With x2go there’s no third party with a database full of credentials to leak, everything’s encrypted over an SSH connection. You can even secure further by forcing ssh auth to use certificates, or google authenticator).

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I agree TeamViewer would not be the way to go. Plus why do you need visual control of the system? If you want you could always program your router to allow access to the front end of QuickBox on your server? Then again I always view everyone running their QB box from their house like me with a quadcore as a router firewall to really sort traffic and block stuff.

Otherwise I agree that just go with a secured SSH tunnel, or something like x2go. Something that is not going through a hosted service somewhere else, where someone COULD spy on you or be hacked and “evil hackers” gain access to your login/IP credentials.

Never trust your data to anyone that you don’t have to!