Taking time to say thank you

for all the users who have made a major contribution in one way or another whether it be something simple or something big or even donating. I’d also like to point out few beta testers that are doing great job reporting, this is just some i have noticed this does not in no way mean any who are not listed are any less valued.
Thank on behalf of QuickBox for all of your help making this community what it is.

site recognizing its contributors, thanks to @JMSolo lol he had to ONE UP ME XD but it all means thank you.


No problem @dtech_banned We’re glad that we can help out in all ways possible. Thanks for your patience and support from all of us over here @T4K “BS” :slight_smile:

yay where do i get my cookie :smiley:

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I´m satisfied with lets say 2 ice cold beers! :slight_smile:

I have some vodka in the fridge, i’m making banana bread when you guys wanna come by to help me consume it?

^ this is all true legit just put bread in oven :wink:

yeah, let’s make a Quickbox party at @dtech_banned :smiley: :beers:

LAN party XD

I’ll bring the pirated copy of unreal tournament 2k4

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just bring a hdd and i’ll fill it XD and a glass

i brought a 16tb hard drive array just plug it in :smiley:

i can fill it all up

Naah vodka isn´t kinda my thing more a beer type of guy you know :slight_smile: