System restart Required


After i installed all the required update i have this message

My question is how i can restart my server sorry i never don it before since i set it up. And how i run all my app after restarting like rutorrent deluge the important app.


Hey there @waeldiab,
the message you are being presented is usually from the hosts os settings. You can reboot via the command reboot. As far as all the needed applications and a reboot. Since we utilize systemd all the apps that are installed should fire up automatically and without any effort.

so i can just type this command reboot and after that the server and all my app will start automatic without any issue
my important app is rutorrent deluge and my amazon apps

Aside from your Amazon apps (which I can’t speak for as those are installed by you) everything should restart on the reboot, yes. :slight_smile:

Sir thanks so much system restarted and all my app fire up automatically.

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