Synology Instalations

Hello I want to have a guru install is it possible for him to install quickbox on a VM?

Thanks and Best Regards

Can you install by your ownself ? any issues ?

hi i managed to make it running and access it via Firefox on an ip address on a internal network

Now i what to make deluge (the one i will be using for downloads) to save files in a smb place in network is it possible?

i also find that couchpotato and sickrage do not work via dashbord
SickRage apears in red but couchpotato no

As long as the VM has its own ip on your network then should be pretty easy using a ip Nas as a mounted drive then you just place that mount inside of your user dir so that it is able to be used note though that the dashboard would not see the space of the Nas so you would need to use another way to do so.