Sync files to new NAS?


I have bought a QNAP TS-253A NAS device with 2x10 TB drives.

Is there a way to have the server automatically store downloaded files to this NAS or do I have to place them manually?

I’m looking at Rclone and syncthing but both are relatively new to me.

Any advice would be helpfull :slight_smile:

I tried RClone and I never got it to work correctly.I ended up just setting up a SMB share and I just manually copy files from my QuickBox server to my file server from my Windows machine. But since you brought up the topic, I am also interested to hear anyone’s advise as well.

I only use Deluge through QuickBox. Before I found this server setup, I was using a Windows box and use to use CopyComplete plugin for Deluge to copy downloaded torrents to a server. But since coming to Linux to run QB, I’m not sure if the plugin works anymore of if I was doing something wrong, but I couldn’t get it to connect to my server (Even after setting up a network path to reconnect every reboot, etc). Maybe you will have more luck if you’re using Deluge: