Suggestion VPN setup idea

when you do add vpn to set up it would be cool to add to script for adduser so that when it adds a user after setting quota you also decide if you want to give them vpn as well. is a working script you could work from. idk how you would add to the createuser command though

That is the basis for how the script will work, mostly.

zip /home/${username}/public_html/$ /root/$username.ovpn
cat >/home/${username}/public_html/.htaccess

is an excerpt from the finish of the script. It will be an option on createSeedboxUser… as well as a standalone createVPNUser

The above shows how it archives and delivers to a custom url for downloading, i.e; stashed in their private user directory.


@JMSolo , Instead of using only openvpn, why not add other options using Sofether like SSTP, L2TP.

I have used this script and it works really great.

Thanks @atulsian, I’ll look into that. I took a quick glance and it has a large number of unnecessary packages in terms of seedbox use-case.

I’ll dig through it and see what parts can be supplemented into the the upcoming VPN.

Did this ever get anywhere? I think it would be great to have a VPN option (openvpn). This is also something offered by many seedbox providers.

Let me narrow this down quickly so there is no confusion.

  1. It is not currently in the pipeline, however, it is on the chart of features to include in some future version.

  2. I too think this would be a great insert to the options provided by QuickBox, although, this leads me to number 3…

  3. QuickBox is not a seedbox provider, so suggesting that “many providers offer it” is really no concern to myself or my team. One must keep in mind that this is an open-sourced project and we are funded by nothing more than our own pockets, the communities great ideas and findings for fixes, and the occasional (and tremendously appreciated) donation, we also keep the project going through our Guru Install and Tuning Services.

On top of all these things, again, the Developers and it’s active community do still have daily paying jobs and family we must attend to.

Again, this feature has been added to the mountain of intentional features for the future. We can’t include them all at once :slight_smile:

###Post Script

To anyone really wanting to see something like this introduced… hit the Vote button to show your interest. If it sits at little to no votes, it never gains priority.


Sounds good.

Regarding #2/3, I didn’t mean to imply you HAVE to provide it, it just turns out that a useful addition to a seedbox is also using it as a vpn server. I’m sure I can install it myself, just was curious about getting it added as an install-able option with a nice button/etc.

But the devs should definitely use thier limited time on this project for seedbox related stuff. I actually decided to give it a try BECAUSE you had deluge/btsync and plex, the big 3 I want on any future seedbox, so you are definitely moving in the right direction for the community, thanks!

No worries, I didn’t want that to come off as “bitchy”… only to recognize that we’re certainly making our way there. Now that we have Version 2.4 released (Officially today!) we can start working out the details for the next items and features in the pipeline.

We’ll have the Roadmap updated here in the couple of days with the new features we’re working on.

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I just thought of something to add onto original idea cuz how the quickbox management is set up it needs to have a option to send to user dir that are already made. this probably has already come to your beautiful minds :stuck_out_tongue: @JMSolo & @liara

would be cool to have a kill switch as well for the vpn