Suggestion: Booksonic

Booksonic - Audiobook Streamer
How to stream audiobooks to your phone with booksonic!

Just came upon this two days ago and managed to wrangle up my scraps of cmd-line skill to get this up and running on my box. Gotta say, it’s working rather well! Thought this might be an interesting addition if you can get in contact with the developer!

Looks interesting :slight_smile:

This looks good.

But tell me, why not just use Plex for audio books? What are the advantages of using Booksonic?

Personally, I’m not using Plex (opted for Kodi/SPMC + Exodus) so it saves me from squandering resources. There are a few little features specific to Booksonic. Quoting from, they are:
“Book descriptions, either you add your own to the server or the app will try and look it up on google books
Both author and narrator are displayed on the book view.
Sleep timer (this is in DSub as well but hidden inside a menu)”

It’s not life or death, lol, but for folks like me, it’s nice to have alternatives :slight_smile: