Subsonic reinstall issue?

Uninstalled subsonic a while back and called it a day, wanting to give it another go I went to the dashboard to reinstall it when I noticed that it was still showing up as installed, tried to uninstall again with no avail through both the web gui and the box command on root

Image of what shows up on dashboard

If I hit refresh on subsonic comes back on but its seems like its missing a lot of the assets as its just text so I think maybe the uninstall isn’t removing everything?

Any help would be appreciated

yeah uninstalling Subsonic is a bit of a large task. and i don’t think we tackled the uninstall of it yet. but you could try re-running the install script from the terminal.

Its not available as a install because I guess it thinks that its already installed is there a way to force it?

bash /QuickBox/packages/package/install/installpackage-subsonic

make sure to remove any config files in your user dir.
then rerun

I use rm -f /install/.subsonic.lock with root and after I can uninstall it.
But Subsonic doesn’t work since last update and the reverse proxy.