Subsonic offline

Been trying to get subsonic working for a couple weeks with no luck.

With or without any firewall on. I’m unable to connect to subsonic remotely. Also in the quickbox dashboard subsonic has a red circle indicator.

Any ideas?

if I try to setup a custom URL I get this error

Status: Could not connect to (HttpHostConnectException)

I’ll fire up a test VM quickly and sample this.

Are you using Debian or Ubuntu? I just ran the install on Ubuntu without issue.

This may be due to our Reverse Proxy, however; this is a function of Subsonic… I cannot speak for why this would reveal that error.

I was able to reproduce an instance where the Subsonic icon was red indicating it wasn’t running. I just pushed an update that should address this. You can review that commit below as well as push it to your QuickBox with sudo box upgrade

###Commit verification

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It’s working now!

Mega thanks

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