Storage full and rutorrent down

My user download, and the download over the size of the seedbox quota.
I set the limit is 10gb. But the user download 12gb.
How to delete the files ? while rutorrent down ?
Then how to restart rutorrent for user ?
Any guide… ?
What to do ?

Simply login via FTP and delete the files that aren’t needed anymore. Or login via web console and issue an rm -rf to remove unwanted folders. OR install X2Go via the dashboard to make use of an Desktop GUI for your server.

Commands are in your help tab on the dashboard.
systemctl restart [email protected]

Currently installing it. Didnt notice the x2go function there. :scream:
So user can use the x2go too ?
Is the command for user run in terminal ? or need sudo ?

X2Go is only permitted (like most applications with QuickBox) for the master user. Additional users cannot install as they have no Package Management Center (nor permissions) to install thee various packages… at least; not until we have separate environment variables for additional users.

The command to restart the user can be ran by you as admin of the server, or by the user. Either way, RUTorrent will most likely fire back up on it’s own once the past limit quotas has receded.

ok. I hope there are another gui for easy user can delete the file when the rutorrent cant be accessible…