Stop Services Command for Kill Switch Script

Hi All
I am in the process on working a Kill switch for OpenVPN Client to tunnel all traffic over a VPN Provider.

If the tunnel drops no traffic will be sent over the tunnel or local connections.

In order to reset the killswitch I need to be able to stop all services that could send traffic over the local connections by default.

So is there service that I can start and stop easily for Quickbox ? is so please share

Or share any other tips you may think that may help. I will share the method to.

I’m not sure I understand, are you running openvpn on the quickbox install to tunnel Torrent traffic through the VPN? if so an IP table setup should do the trick, if you are running on your own system on windows, you can block it with a windows firewall setup by only allowing the address of the VPN to tunnel traffic and if tunnel drops it won’t send any traffic.