SSH: Unable to connect after install using ip:4747


First thing first, thanks a lot for your very hard work and dedication. QuickBox is impressive!

I have a weird problem.

Installation of the latest QB version was flawless on a KS and after rebooting my server I could access to the interface using the url provided at the end of the install (https://qbuser:pwd@ip). I have access to a console through the webconsole and can log into the main user chosen during install (let’s call him qbuser).

I’m able to access the server with Filezilla on qbuser@ip:4747 but somehow it’s impossible with my linux terminal.

If I try:

ssh qbuser@ip:4747
ssh: Could not resolve hostname qbuser@ip:4747 Name or service not known

And the old way doesn’t work anymore - which is good:

ssh qbuser@ip:22
ssh: connect to host ip:22 Connection refused

I’m totally clueless about this issue.

Thanks a lot for any help

try reading the man page on ssh (not trying to be condescending so please dont take it that way)
man ssh

you’re entering the port wrong. it’s -p 4747

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Thanks a lot RXWatcher.

I thought specifying a port would be the same as for ftp addresses.

I’m glad I asked this dumb question and that you answered it because I’m pretty sure it will help someone out.

I wish you a nice day,