Sorry to anyone sending me MSGs i am AFK

Dtech Is in the middle of a move and is unable to help and or reply for another 48 hrs sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. if you have orders that have not been handled i do apologize please be understanding and respectful to the rest of the community, Just cuz im not here does not mean when i get back i won’t ban you :wink:


I set a timer just to be that guy :stuck_out_tongue:
Good luck on your on-going move @dtech_banned:heart_exclamation:

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psssshhh im done lol all back to normish stuff lol


welcome back @dtech_banned ! Hope things are calming down for you… moving is never fun! Couple years ago, when my daughter was born, I moved my computer room from one end of the house to the other. That was a week project in itself! Hope things are going smoothly now…

i moved houses lol but yeah :rolling_eyes: fun lol

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