Sorry to ALL our community

IN SHORT we are sorry we were gone for a bit.

Funding was none and servers have to be paid to run. that being said we have them back up and running and hopefully here to stay. WE are not DEAD promise.
just a little busy, That being said we will help as we can when we can please be understanding this is not our first priority as we do have jobs to pay our bills as we dont make near enough here to pay for servers let alone house payments.

Thanks for being a part of our community
sorry if you lost some things as the backups for the forms where a bit out of date


Thanks for the update!

I’m very very very happy!!!

I hope QuickBox will never die!! :hugs::kissing_heart::grinning:

we don’t die we respawn

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Thank you !

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LMAO! It’s true I guess… seems that the respawn point was just, really really ridiculously far away.

Also, a massive thanks to the amazing community member that provided us the servers to run all our shenanigans on once more so we can continue doing what we enjoy and providing a platform for everyone to share, teach/learn, and experience this for what it’s worth :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Post Script

Yes, he’s trusted and incredibly reliable, so I see no downside to this and only forward momentum. The stress of having to manage the entirety of the QuickBox web sphere AND the continued development of the project has been mostly lifted. Donations will continue to go where they are deserved/owed.


Glad to have you guys back again, had me proper worried there for a sec :slight_smile:

Is there anything - besides the odd donations when possible - we can help with going forward?

The community playing more a part in solving problems with new fokes would be great.

Hi !
Realy happy to see you back. It’s realy bad to see your great work “offline” So, like others members of the community, hop we never live this situation again. Tank’s for your return and thank’s for this distribution :).