Sonarr not connecting to rtorrent? No Plex server


I’ve got a new server with a bit more powerful processor. Ubuntu 16.04. 64. Installed quickbox, wanted rtorrent. Afterwards installed Sonarr and Plex.

Sonarr cant connect to rtorrent. It wasnt manually added and I’ve tried copying the setting from the old server. Even installed/reinstalled again and nothing.

Installed plex, opened it, logged in but there is no server available. I only see my other two plex servers. I am accessing the plex directly through quickbox menu. It’s like there is no server on the system at all.

Any help?

Thank you!

Nobody? :frowning:

Reinstalled ubuntu 16.04. 64.
Installed quickbox with ubuntu command. Installed sonarr, plex, quota and added the letsencrypt domain.
Went to plex from the dashboard, just seeing my other servers. No server detected. Went to sonarr, cant connect to it again nor add the client.

Am I doing something wrong here?

And nothing again.

Did a reinstall again and the same thing.
Please help.

You’ll have to setup an SSH Tunnel to your server with Putty to setup Plex.

Then open your browser and go to either this link: or you can
go to either one should work.

If you aren’t sure how to do an SSH Tunnel you can visit this link here:

And scroll down until you see the “Configure Plex” headline…

As far as Sonarr and rtorrent, you’re going to have to elaborate and give more details
as to what is happening, and what you have or haven’t added in the fields to connect rtorrent to