Sonarr - Managing Anime Content vs Normal TV Content

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Over the course of this week, I have been looking at how I manage Anime content on my server and in particular, managing it verses the normal content I have on my server, and it’s proven to be a difficult task.

Now, in Sonarr, you are able to have multiple root paths, and tell Sonarr that the show is an Anime show and so it will sort it accordingly, however, something that I wasn’t expecting to run into, is the fact that Anime shows don’t follow the normal convention of Seasons and Series like we do.

Anime shows just continue in numbers. For example, the show “One Piece” is a huge library of over 800 episodes, and trying to find that show to add onto my server has proven difficult. Now, whilst I have managed to find the show and it is added on my server, it took some time for Sonarr to organise the files and the show for it to be managed correctly so that Plex can pick it up.

Now, because all my previous Anime content was just being added into my main TV shows area, my users were complaining that they wanted a dedicated area for Anime content – which I can understand.

Whilst I am not doing this for movies, I do see the value in doing it for Shows. There are literally thousands of shows out there for Anime and I would like to be able to see the difference between “normal” TV shows and Anime content.

In addition, this makes it easier for those wanting to Anime to easily find my collection. Now it’s not a big collection by any means, but it’s growing each and every day and I’m proud that I am able to provide this content too.

How do you manage Anime content? What do you think? Do you even watch Anime because I don’t!