Sonarr Installation error

Hello all,

I installed sonarr and opened it up on my browser, but there is only a blank page with a title saying “Sonarr Ver.”

Here is my log:

Any ideas?

What do the following fields show in /home/${username}/.config/NzbDrone/config.xml


here is what is written there;

Could you update that (as it’s broken) to the following and then issue a restart of Sonarr with systemctl restart [email protected]${username}


To combat this problem, we will soon be implementing templates on the build of the applications. The problem is occurring from the apps not creating the needed configs and/or the sed commands not writing to them in time… thus these fields are being left blank.

As an update to this, I have pushed a commit that should address this issue:

I’ve tested it a couple of times on my own production server as well as a sample VM and it successfully installs the needed configs. Service runs without issue on initial install.

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thank you JMSolo! It is now working :slight_smile: