Sonarr - General questions


My seedbox is now running smoothly so I can get into some other topics :slight_smile:
I discovering Sonarr which seems to be really cool, but I have a few noob questions …

I see that Sonarr can rename and move files according to TV season and so on, this must be very usefull with Plex which can from time to time be unable to detect or organise files properly.
But …
how can I use this feature and still seeding the torrent ?
I saw that an old rutorrent plugins was just doing that (relocate) but it is not part of QuickBox nor present in the rutorrent wiki.

Is there another option to achieve that ?

Another question is about adding a private tracker to sonarr.
I use most of the time T411 and there is a script to add a Torznab proxy for T411

I have no idea if this thing would work with QuickBox since it seems to have been developped for NAS.
can I run the install presented just as is, or will it need special tweaking for it to work ?

Thanks you for your help, and for the amazingness that QuickBox is :slight_smile:

To add private trackers beyond what it already supports you use Jackett. I dont see T411 in Jackett but its in SickRage

In Sonarr, under media management, select the Advanced section and there is a checkbox for Hardlinks. A hardlink is a pointer to the same file. If you use Sonarr to create hard links it will do as you wish and allow it to organize for plex and still seed. Once the seed time is up your torrent client will delete the seeding files but the ones in the directory structure for plex will remain.

I use filebot for all of this management.

Edit: I should have actually looked over your link. That might work for you for access to T411.

Thx for your answer I took some time to dig into the situation and it turns out that …everything is working according to the plan ahah

the T411 stuff is working flawlessly an sonarr makes the hardlinks and the renaming …it’s pure magic :slight_smile:

Hi ! Can you tell me how did you install T411 on sonarr ? Any special steps for Quickbox ? Thanks !

I just followed the steps here



And you can now see that T411-Torznab is now compatible with Radarr’s Torznab feed :slight_smile:

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