Sonarr and Rclone experment

so i had an idea to use rclone and sonar together. well got the reading to work the auto downloading and well then ran into a snag due to how the mount works as a read only (kinda)

the idea and no clue how to do it is
that if i can have sonar download rename eps and save to a folder other than the mount it is reading eps from that later i can have rclone run and copy everything over at one time. but i see no setting like this is sonar for save to other than the home of the show its reading from…

anyone have any ideas?

try the latest rclone…supports writing.

WHATTTT!!! really???

gotta compile from source for it


hahaha sonarr likes the update and works yay.

So with this I can let ruTorrent write directly to my encrypted acd mountpoint? any parameters needed when mounting?
Rclone version I’m running now is rclone v1.34-DEV

just needs to be mounted in the user dir.

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Ah… found the culpit
Downloading directly to the acd mount gives the following error: HTTP code 429: “429 Too Many Requests”

I now have my move dir setup so when download is finished ruTorrent auto moves the download the the acd mountpoint

So with this new update you should be able to just point to the directory ACD is mounted at in Sonarr and it will move episodes there once they are completed? This is huge. Any downsides?

its hard to see if its working tell its done. and it seems to be a bit slower than using the rclone command but works if you give it time

so there is one thing not sure why but sonarr seems to crash and burn when doing too much at one time with rclone

This is a supported feature for Google Drive, correct? Does it work in a similar way? Trying to find out how people have implemented this feature into their setup but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of info available.

i would assume yes.