Sonarr and r(u)Torrent


Having some issues setting up r(u)Torrent as a downloader for Sonarr - it simply says: “Unknown exception: Unauthorized”

Tried reinstalling it. Just installed QuickBox today using the script on the front page. I tried setting the host to localhost, port 80 and URL /quickbox/RPC2 as well as /rutorrent/RPC2 just to test. Tried SSL with port 443 as well. Username and password are both verified as correct and working with the HTTP Authentication. Any suggestions?

Try this…its working well for me. I run remote sonarr talking to the seedboxes.


Works, thank you very much!

I seem to be having somewhat the same issue with Couchpotato. Tried localhost:443/rutorrent/plugins/httprpc/action.php - have you set up Couchpotato?

Try https://ip/rutorrent/plugins/httprpc/action.php in the host field. Leave RPC blank and enter user and pass. I’m not at home to give a screenshot…sorry.

No worries! Didn’t seem to work, but I’ll continue looking into it.

Now I remember. You need to enter the URL I gave and then go to advanced and select digest authentication.

Worked, thanks again! =)