Some info about QuickBox personalization and more


I’m an old dedi-server and seedbox user. I found this project only yesterday and I need to say that it seems to be really awesome. I want to test and (if it is really awesome as I suppose) I use it. But first I need to know some things.

In the past I used a script modified by myself to better meet my personal preferences. So I need to understand if during installation process I can set (for example) custom location for download, watch and upload directory. Or if I can allow root access in pure-ftpd or for SSH.

Another thing…for Autodl-irssi…I imagine that QuickBox use the comunity version…it is that it?

And is possible to choose between Apache, Nginx or Lighttpd?


Hello @Neonlinx and thanks for showing interest in QuickBox!

I am crunched for time at the moment so allow me to be direct with your queries.

This is not something that is handled during the installation process as it would make the default settings for our updater a bit complicated. We currently have the following structure in place for our skeleton.

|--- deluge
|--- rtorrent

This can of course be altered after install via the .rtorrent.rc file in your /home/USERNAME directory. Aditionally, since we make use of https browser downloads, you will also need to adjust the aliases within the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/aliases-seedbox.conf. You can view this template within our lab at the following link:

We make use of vsftp, however you can allow/keep root access if you wish… this is not something we remove or tamper with as it’s your server and we do believe in these types of system settings should be at the users own accord.

That would be correct. You can view how we include this at the following line in our lab.

Additionally, we do encourage everyone, from novice to expert, to review all of our submodules and code. We’re 100% open-source and you can modify and view whatever you like… within the bounds of QuickBox not overwriting on an update (which would mainly relate to the dashboard at /srv/rutorrent/home)

The links for viewing all of our code are located within the top menu under the drop down ‘Quicklab’

We use Apache with PHP7.0-fpm and utilize memcache as we have found that to be just as (if not more) reliable than Nginx. However, I am a massive fan of Nginx for production based sites… we can not rule out a possibility that this can make it’s way into QuickBox in the future (although, this is not a guarantee that it will)