[SOLVED] Can't login/User not found in htpasswd

I’ve been installing users on a test server and rsying some data across and then chown so user adopts files. Everything was working fine but then quote started acting weird on one of the slots so created a fresh slot and moved data to that one and deleted other.

Since then none of the logins seems to work except for the master and couple of the slots. Each time I try and login it asks for login again. When I try and change pass it quickly throws message up about users not found in htpasswd and exits.

I’ve checked and the users seem to be missing from that file. I tried creating user again and it says the users already exists.

UPDATE: Think I have solved by manually adding the usernames into the file. This allows me to change the users password via the changeuserpass command. Not sure what has caused this or if it has other issues though yet.