Slow upload speeds

I know this is not inherently related to QuickBox, but I’m scratching my head over this anyway.

I’m getting super slow upload speeds, even when using autodl-irssi with no delay.
Currently I’m uploading a torrent with 44 KiB/s, while I can see the user is downloading with a total 2.3 MiB/s (from other users). It confuses me a bit, since I’m on a 1 Gbit connection at Hetzner and the downloader is in Northern Europe as well.

Is there any reason, to why he wouldn’t “select” me to get the majority of the file from?

My knowledge of torrent protocols and how it selects it’s peers isn’t something to brag about, but I just wanted to know. Is this something I can fix or is it related to the torrent protocol?

Many things contribute to the upload speed of a torrent: the client used, the tuning of the system and the upload speed of the original peer.

The first two are things that you can take care of; however, the last is largely out of your hands.

I find, however, that when the initial peer is a slow uploader, Deluge will far and away aggressively search for rare pieces and seed them back as best as it can. Conversely rTorrent tends to be a bit of a slouch if the initial peer is not moving very fast. Deluge will get massive bursts of speed once a piece finishes and it pushes it to the peer list, while rTorrent will just kinda trudge along at the same pace it always does.

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I would also like to add to what @liara has stated about things we can not control the server host has a lot to do with speeds as well. as great as the prices are with hetzner, you get what you pay for. aka you get ok hardware and then they include a network that is really over used. so while the server may have a 1Gbit port the speeds you will see are more likely never going to be close to that. i have a server with them and i take it as is. i see max upload speeds of 50MB/s and download speeds are fine. once and awhile i see better but like a said you get what you pay for. if you want speeds that are promised and given to you get a ovh server otherwise you learn to live with it.

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Is this happening often or just on one particular torrent?

If the downloader is only hitting 2.3MiB/s he can’t have a very fast connection and is most likely maxing out his download bandwidth.

Regardless of your upload speed, you can’t send data any faster if the person downloading doesn’t have the capacity to receive at a higher speed.

You can of course increase your chances of sending more data as a whole by using Deluge, as it’s more aggressive than rtorrent, and by tweaking your server.

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Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll try to configure Deluge and see if it helps.

I would hate to change to shared seedbox, but if I can’t get more than a few Kb/s seeding, I don’t really see any other options.

I noticed my physical and cached Memory Usage was close to 100% (out of 16 GB), could something like that also influence speeds?

I’m a noob to this setup, or running Deluge on a Ubuntu box (always did Windows before). I’ve got a box with 2GB of RAM and mine has sat at 0.07GB FREE since I downloaded my first torrent. But the box hummms along. Now this is my own personal seedbox I built and is in my server rack at my house though. It has been running for about two weeks now without missing a beat. I limit my global downloads to 5MB (actual speed) down and 1.5MB (actual speed - wish I could afford more right now) up. I’ve got a big bandwidth though so I can spare that. I haven’t had any issues with multiple people maxing the upload many times… with some clients having 700KBps+ at one time.

But it took me three weeks of tweaking, research, rebuilding, to get the box built. I’ve followed a few “tweaking” guides online I’ve seen for torrents, but I’ve kind of picked some of my own numbers and had good luck with it.

It looks like you could be right POWerSUrgeSW3.

Shortly after writing my previous post, the box grabbed a download from autodl-irssi, which saw seeding speeds of around 80 MB/s - so it is possible to get some nice speeds.

@liara: Would it be an idea to consider tuning for this particular issue? Or does it revolve around rtorrent, which doesn’t seem to be included in the tuning setup?

I think your previous issue was down to a slow peer rather than anything else. If you’re snatching with autodl-irssi you should see faster speeds more often than not.

Tuning is done at system level, so will help with all clients.

rtorrent is okay by default, but has very few options when it comes to tweaking. Even editing source files gives you little to play with,

Deluge is far more aggressive on the peerlist by default, you also have much more room to tweak to get even better performance.

In most instances you can safely ignore your Physical and Cached RAM as it will always display high use values. This is a good thing however as it is implying that data is being cached properly and RAM is being utilized to it’s best potentials. What you can keep an eye on for Real World values is the Real Memory Usage… which should always be sitting in a lower spectrum.



If you try Deluge, make sure you install LTConfig and select High Performance Seed in the LTconfig settings. Makes a big difference.

Can you please link to these numbers you found? I’ve searched as well, and on only found one site that appears reputable in terms of tuning for increased network speeds.

Quickbox does offer that service at a reasonable price in my opinion. I’ve used it. It was money well spent.

Edit: and it helps support the development efforts here. It’s an open source project but the two main devs put in so many hours you’d think it was a full time job for them. I’m not joking at all when I say that. I’ve paid for the service and I’ve donated on top of that because I appreciate it so much.


@JMSolo - THANK YOU!!! I have been wanting to ask, but I kind of assumed that is what was going on. I wondered about the “Real World” display, that is the part that confused me. Glad to have some confirmation on how the box is running.

@Jason - By default, when using the QuickBox script and installing v2.4 (or later), is LTConfig installed automatically? I saw that was installed when I was adding a few of my own plugins, and never messed with any of the settings due to thinking the script set that up…?

@mp3some -

The link I used was straight from the Deluge website, I came across it randomly. Again I used it as a guide, not using it’s direct settings exactly. But the big thing is you have to change a setting and then kind of watch things for a day or a week (depending on the torrent length). If you can, redownload the same torrent to test (using like the ubuntu torrent download might be helpful).

Also I wish I understood this stuff better, so it’s kind of mess with it at your own accord. I would recommend writing down the current/default settings to know you have something “stable” to fall back on. If you (or anyone) has questions, I can try to answer with relating to my experiments, best I can offer. Hope it helps!

We do not apply any tweaks of any sort during installation, we merely provide the means to make it a bit easier on you. The inclusion of ltConfig was largely a hook to facilitate the tuning service we provide. That said, the “High Performance” default is a great starting point, though in my eyes it is not perfect.

These are a couple resources that are extremely helpful:


Thank you for that feedback! It’s great to know a tool like QuickBox has such great support, yet keeping things open enough to let us do what we need to do!!! Thank you for the links, I will refer to them and definitely check out that “high performance” option inside of LTConfig…

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