SITE TROUBLES donations/money related

We Are working on taking care of what is going on with QuickBox within the time we can spare.
We also apologize for the inconvenience it may bring, as of right now if you need a guru install or wish to have a guru -rcone install please contact me directly and i will sort out things by hand. thank you for being understanding and thank you all for being a part of the QuickBox ECOsystem

Best regards,


I’ve sorted out the issues with the sites database corruption. This happened after migrating the site to it’s resting production server, which decided it was a good day to die. This wreaked havoc on everything as we knew it. After countless hours throughout the night and some morning test runs… I can say that everything is back online and just the way it should be.

Apologies for the instant dissatisfaction that was our new sites launch. We’re ready to take it back up a notch :wink: