Setup HTTPS Proxy server from dashboard

It would be cool if we can setup a proxy to use our server as an HTTP or a SOCKS proxy

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OpenVPN would accomplish most if not all of what you’d need a SOCKS proxy, that being said you can also do it via ssh:

Hope you find what you’re looking for :slight_smile:


Well I was kinda hoping for an option where we can install it from the package management and then we can use the IP:port + authentication as a proxy.

so it could be used in something like FoxyProxy. I’m not really looking to use it as a VPN. but I would like to use it to browse specific sites that don’t allow the use of commercial VPNs but allow visiting from the box IP.

quick solution would be to just x2go into the server and use a browser there.

You could setup a ssh tunnel to send your local browser traffic out the server but thats all done on the local side.

What I have in mind is to tunnel only 1 or a few very specific websites through the box and the rest of the traffic go normally through my normal connection which is on a public VPN.

This would be done by setting rules in FoxyProxy, so only the sites you want would get proxied.

This is all to to get around having to disable your VPN connection just to visit one or two sites.

But I appreciate the input.

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I use a proxy extension and the SSH method exactly like this. I set the proxy location to local host:port. When I SSH in I use the -D flag

Then I can jump in to proxy mode by toggling the proxy in chrome

I have been looking for the same thing.

And I have been writing about this before but it disappeared with the last crash of the site.

I have noticed that many shared seedboxes offers this http proxy, so somehow it must be possible to install it on a dedicated box too.

js8as did you ever find a solution?

I installed Squid with this command:

apt-get install squid3

After that I went into the config file to set it up. There is a lot of info in there and it is a bit confusing.

nano /etc/squid/squid.conf

And it works fine with my SwitchyOmega plugin in Chrome.

Hello everyone,

Regarding the secure socks5 proxy need, I have quickly installed Shadowsocks (with shadowsocks-libev) and can I tell that it works like a charm with plenty of clients. (Android :white_check_mark:)

Does anyone has still the need of a socks5 proxy ?

Maybe we could try to build a package with Shadowsocks of Squid3 depending of your preferences.

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socks5 proxy sounds very interesting. the squid3 can be used but it is not all the dif settings that actually works.