Setdisk not working


setdisk does not seem to be working getting this error

Username: sager3299
Quota size for user: (EX: 500GB):
/usr/local/bin/quickbox/system/setdisk: line 37: setquota: command not found

any ideas i am sure it is the right command


sounds like you are running as user you need to run that command as sudo or sudo su

that was quick cool
no i am deffo deffo logged in as root

then you might not have quota installed are you the only user on server?

no but i have installed your script so it must have been a fault on install never tested it before today been running 4 weeks just needed to setdisk to 950GB

not to worry thanks for your time

if you’re the only person on the server quota (setdisk) is not needed you just need to make sure your partitions are compatible with qb needs to be a / or a /home for our script to work if you set the wrong one on install you can use one of these commands to switch it.

If you are using a /home partition:

If you are using /(root) partition: