Setdisk Issue: Widgets and create user working but setdisk fails

setquota: Cannot open quotafile /boot/aquota.user: No such file or directory

Getting the above error when trying to set quota for an existing user. The disk widget and initial createuser seems to work but the setdisk just fails.

Any help appreciated.

[EDIT] Initially I thought they were separate issues but seems editing ftab fixed the setdisk fr me.

Do you have a /home partitioned server? If so, I have a couple of quick questions, just to ensure this isn’t something potentially in one of the install scripts for the quota package.

  1. Did you install quotas in the initial setup of QuickBox?
  2. Did you install Quotas after setup and from the dashboard? (there could be a limitation with this method, but I’ll need to actually sit and look at it)
  3. No other questions, just making it look that way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Ok :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  4. See Q3 :sunglasses:

I’m using a 7 month old version of script though so not sure if this is a bug that has been addressed since then?