Set up a CDN with cloudfare for plex with one IP

Hi all,

I’m wondering if there is a guide similar to this one that could help me set up a CDN with cloudfare and nginx for plex with just one IP on my Kimsufi box. Kimsufi does not allow the adding of IPs to their boxes unfortunately. I’m looking to get better peering when streaming and it seems like this would definitely be of help if I can get it running without an additional IP.

Thanks for any help!

I haven’t written a guide on how to do it, but basically the idea is to set up a reverse proxy for apache by nginx:

Switch apache to use different ports. I.e. 8080 and 4433 for http and https by altering both ports.conf and sites-enabled/default-ssl.conf

Then create a new vhost for your main domain on nginx and reverse proxy the entirety of traffic from apache 8080 -> nginx 80 and apache 4433 -> nginx 443.

Now, the server name config will differentiate the traffic. Traffic destined for would end up at your quickbox panel and traffic destined for would end up at the plex proxy.

I am successfully using the cdn solution for my plex set up.

As per this link, cloud flare can handle https traffic in the ports, I let my stock apache setup be at 443, as that is used for everything in quick box, and just have nginx run of port 2086(http)/2087(https).

It works like a charm!

Liza : Thanks for the this idea in the first place!