Set up a CDN for Plex with CloudFlare & NGINX


i got an email that my certificate is expiring soon, cant seem to figure out how to renew it.

i ran

letsencrypt renew

but i get an error.


I’ll make a wiki for it on my day off there is something that is wrong with the update script


in this thread it is said to use apt install letsencrypt, rather than box install letsencrypt. which could be why many people do not have the cron entry to renew. i have tried googling it and found some commands but unsure or what is all needed.

im under the impression this is just for nginx, so i stop nginx and run ‘letsencrypt renew’ but i get an error that apache is using port 80. i dont necessarily want to stop apache because if this overwrites something in that config and i cant access my dashboard - not something i want to deal with.


great tutorial


Any way to have PlexPy not log as it’s from localhost?


Hello, I’m trying to setup but I have no idea where to being
Basically I access my quickbox using the public ip, to get a domain for it I will be using a different hoster? (I have a hetzner dedi server, and a free domain from noip). I’ll have to point the domain to my ip, correct?
Can someone please add my skype: toxic.ngu? As I have no idea what to do, I will pay to get it setup as well. Or someone explain only the first steps for me



I found this cool mention of a way to bind Plex to localhost only. It would be useful for those who do not have firewalls available to them like a non-root user on a shared machine or someone who doesn’t want to use a firewall. is the mention

But the way it works is inside of your Preferences.xml you add allowLocalhostOnly="1" into the list of startup variables and it will not bind to the public IP anymore, only the local IP.


Do we have an updated way of allowing insecure connections while still allowing secure connections on other devices? I tried following the guide from March 2017 but I didn’t want to rm the default file.


this post: Set up a CDN for Plex with CloudFlare & NGINX works fine for that. just add two urls to your custom urls in plex.,

i use it and it works fine, i also use cloudflares cert instead of LE as it doesnt expire for a long time, less hassle, and accepts wildcards if i ever feel like changing it.


@JMSolo Is there any chance we could get an update of this guide for QuickBox Pro?


Something I’m working on getting to work. The thing is that everything running though the cdn cause some problems so trying make it work will be impmented soon as it works.