Server with SSD + SCSI HDD


Since my last post I’ve changed my provider. I have a new server with a 32GB SSD + 1TB HDD connected with SCSI.
What’s the best setup in your opinion ? Only the OS on the SSD ? Or also Quickbox ?

After a fresh install of Debian 8 a df -h gives that :

/dev/sda4           21G    725M   19G   4% /
udev                10M       0   10M   0% /dev
tmpfs              1,5G    8,3M  1,5G   1% /run
tmpfs              3,7G       0  3,7G   0% /dev/shm
tmpfs              5,0M       0  5,0M   0% /run/lock
tmpfs              3,7G       0  3,7G   0% /sys/fs/cgroup
/dev/sda3          946M     32M  850M   4% /boot
/dev/sdb1          985G     72M  935G   1% /storage


Hey there @Larz,

I would opt to use the SSD purely for OS and then everything else can be assigned to /storage.

Can I do that by letting Quickox install itself in /home/user and then by using usermod command to move the home user in /storage ?

QuickBox will need to be installed within the /root directory as this is where it stashes the local repo for updates etc. The only use the /storage location will receive is from the Disk Widget on your dashboard, as well as the diskspace plugin in ruTorrent. These will need to be manually adjusted (and a couple of configs - but it’s easy work) to reflect the mount.


I installed Quickbox and changed the default download location in .rtorrent.rc
then I setup a quota of 935GB

But :

  • There is no datas in my widget diskpace
  • In rutorrent the diskpace plugin always tells me I have 935GB free, even it’s wrong
  • The FTP / HTTP default directory needs to be changed

I don’t know if it’s linked but the stream plugin still doesn’t work
(when I paste the link generated in the xspf file in my browser I have : “The requested URL /plugins/stream/stream.php was not found on this server.”

Again, by default QuickBox will check the following locations for data, either /home or /(root) mounted installs. If you are planning on using /storage as a mount point then you will need to change several variables.

###Disk Status Widget
You can modify the QuickBox Disk Status widget to show /storage by altering your existing widget… which is either /home or /(root)… I can’t say as I am not on your system to know. Find these lines and change them to storage and since you’re using quotas it sounds like:

(the following lines are located at Line #48)

Note this section sudo /usr/sbin/repquota /storage|/bin/grep as you will be changing either / or /home to /storage

####Change from:

if (file_exists('/install/.quota.lock')) {
  $dftotal = shell_exec("sudo /usr/sbin/repquota /|/bin/grep ^".$username."|/usr/bin/awk '{printf \$4/1024/1024}'");
  $dffree = shell_exec("sudo /usr/sbin/repquota /|/bin/grep ^".$username."|/usr/bin/awk '{printf (\$4-\$3)/1024/1024}'");
  $dfused = shell_exec("sudo /usr/sbin/repquota /|/bin/grep ^".$username."|/usr/bin/awk '{printf \$3/1024/1024}'");
  $perused = sprintf('%1.0f', $dfused / $dftotal * 100);

####Change to:

if (file_exists('/install/.quota.lock')) {
  $dftotal = shell_exec("sudo /usr/sbin/repquota /storage|/bin/grep ^".$username."|/usr/bin/awk '{printf \$4/1024/1024}'");
  $dffree = shell_exec("sudo /usr/sbin/repquota /storage|/bin/grep ^".$username."|/usr/bin/awk '{printf (\$4-\$3)/1024/1024}'");
  $dfused = shell_exec("sudo /usr/sbin/repquota /storage|/bin/grep ^".$username."|/usr/bin/awk '{printf \$3/1024/1024}'");
  $perused = sprintf('%1.0f', $dfused / $dftotal * 100);

###RUTorrent Diskspace Plugin
You will need to modify also the mount point within the diskspace plugin for ruTorrent as it has no way of knowing custom mount points outside of the traditional /home and /(root) - this should only apply if you have quotas installed. To do this, you will need to adjust some lines as you did with the Disk Status widget.

(the following lines are located at Line #25)

Again, note this section /usr/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/repquota -u /storage|/bin/grep as you will be changing either / or /home to /storage

####Change from:

      $total = shell_exec("/usr/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/repquota -u /home | /bin/grep ^".$quotaUser." | /usr/bin/awk '{printf $4*1024}'");
      $free = shell_exec("/usr/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/repquota -u /home | /bin/grep ^".$quotaUser." | /usr/bin/awk '{printf ($4-$3)*1024}'");

####Change to:

      $total = shell_exec("/usr/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/repquota -u /storage| /bin/grep ^".$quotaUser." | /usr/bin/awk '{printf $4*1024}'");
      $free = shell_exec("/usr/bin/sudo /usr/sbin/repquota -u /storage| /bin/grep ^".$quotaUser." | /usr/bin/awk '{printf ($4-$3)*1024}'");

However, there are some things to note:

If this is the case then you may also need to adjust the file at: /srv/rutorrent/conf/users/USERNAME/config.php

Change the line towards the bottom:

$diskuser = "/home";


$diskuser = "/storage";

I don’t understand what you are implying here. Why would you attempt to change the FTP / HTTP directory? It’s not being read by your custom mount point… it’s being read by the web server at the location specified in the apache configuration. This location is /srv/rutorrent and /srv/rutorrent/home.

Additionally, are you actually storing the data in /storage/USERNAME?

No, it is known to have issues. Especially due to the fact that DivX playback is now no longer supported in most browsers due to security concerns. I would advise using either Plex or the soon to be included Subsonic to perform your streaming. In my opinion that plugin is a complete waste and may more than likely be phased out very soon from our own repositories.

probably would have been easier to copy the contents of /home to the /storage mount and then edit fstab to change the /storage to /home and then do the install.

I see this as it needs to be a warning message that you only support file systems with the space mounts as / or as /home. It’s onto the linux admin to configure the system to match what quickbox needs. If they don’t have the skills then use the guru install service to have them fix the mounts.

Customized configs like this always end up breaking at some point and are more hassle then anything.

If you have the skills to maintain it…awesome…otherwise…go with how the devs have it setup and fix your system to match. it will save you tons of headaches.