Server to Server Transfer

Hey everyone, I would like to transfer files from one server to another server. Both of these use the QuickBox Script. Surely this can be done?


scp -P 4747 -r (Directory Name on current server) username@(other server ip):/location/on/remote/host
I used screen, so i could exit out of the session and let the transfer continue without having to keep session open

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I know this is an older topic but wanted to add since I had to move some stuff from and older box server to a new quickbox I used FXP via FTP transfer.

As I had to transfer quite a lot of files and folders.

You will need to enable FXP on vsftp by editing the vsftpd.conf to allow for this.

By adding:


and then restaring vsftpd

You will have to do this on both servers.

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Everytime I need to transfer files between servers, I install BTSync on each server and sync folders between them.

You can limit the upload speed and the transfer is very fast. The best method for me :slight_smile:

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Is there any security issues raised by enabling this on server? Just curious if it could potentially cause any issues.

Nope not that I can think of…

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I recommend lftp for this task :heart:


I know this is a little old but thought I would throw my 2 cents into the pot just in case someone had a same/similar question. You can use ftprush to do server to server transfers, or as liza suggested lftp. I use to use ftprush but when I learned php I was able to create a simple php script to use lftp to transfer files. I now keep my backup server synced with the main server.