Server Requirements? Quickbox not working with 128MB RAM

I’ve signed up for a basic VPS account on which I’ve installed Quickbox. I’d like a minimal install together with Syncthing to sync with my home NAS.

The account is with and I’ve selected their OVZ-STORAGE-128 plan. This however only gives 128M RAM.

I’ve installed Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS (64-bit) then Quickbox and then from the web interface Syncthing.

However I’m getting very poor performance at best, at worst I’m seeing daemons not starting, and when launching Deluge Web or the Syncthing Web interfaces they rarely load…

What is considered the minimum requirement to run a functioning install of Quickbox, Deluge and Syncthings?

For my current server set up its just not working… I’ve not yet managed to be able to add a torrent, yet still download anything…

RAM; 128MB
VSwap; 128MB
Diskspace; 100GB SSD Cached Storage
Traffic; 1TB

Advice would be very appreciated…

Wait … QB + Deluge + Syncthing with only 128MB RAM? It’s the problem.
For Deluge only i recommend at least 3GB RAM.
Many thread on the net say that Deluge with 2GB or less can start around 10 torrents at the same time.
For Syncthing i do not know the RAM usage.

You have a STORAGE server. It means that you can only make backups (with SCP commands or FTP). But you’re not supposed to install any apps.

You can run the QB dashboard, it’s already very great! But you’ll never can use Deluge + Syncthing at the same time …

Yeah 128MB of RAM is really pushing it. My last box was 512MB of RAM, and it REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY slow. Plus when I had more than 50 torrents seeding, the box started having connection issues to it (even via puTTY).

After upgrading hardware, now running 4GB of RAM, no issues. I get trying to run a slim line system, but this software works much better on a decent system. Highly recommend on upgrading, at least the RAM, as that is what Deluge really needs to operate within QuickBox or on any other computer).

With only < 100 torrents it could be enough, try transmission and do nothing else :p.