Server connection specific configurations?

If you have 1Gbit … rtorrent.rc will be configured with a 1Gbit based configuration file. So if it’s 10gbit, then it’ll load the rtorrent.rc for a 10gbit server. Just an idea. Perhaps an option to pick upon setup of the server initially.

I don’t see why we couldn’t make two rtorrent.rc templates that honor these settings. The prompt would be simple enough… Are you using a 10gbit server? [y]es or [n]o type of thing.

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why not just set it to 10gbit in the first place not like a 1gbit is gonna go over XD

I think I had tried this before but rtorrent spazzed out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Would you be willing to supply us with an alternate configuration for inclusion @T4K?

i think on the current default one 100 connections for both settings are set. Upping it to about 300 on 10gbps would be more than adequate for that.

This has been implemented and will be in the next release cycle.

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