Seeking commands that start Sonarr/Radarr/PlexRequests

Those three apps regularly crash. They all use mono so that might be a source. No idea. Anyways. I have a script that I setup in cron that checks if they are running and restarts if necessary. Are there specific commands Quickbox uses to start them?

systemctl restart AppName

I git the same issue, would you like to share your scripts?

I too am having somewhat of the same issue. Mine is happening with Jackett though (and since that goes down, so does Donate and Couchpotato).

Mind sharing your scripts so we all can benefit from your amazing work :wink:

Here is what I got. Now this assumes that the app completely crashed. If app is still running but absolutely unresponsive it won’t detect that. I am not that good. You need to look at each script and edit it to match your username in a few spots. Also you need to make them executable and add a line to your user’s crontab to automatically run them at whatever interval you like.

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Thanks, working great!