Seedbox updated to 17.04, Rutorrent Broken

Anyone know how to fix this? I shoulda jsut stayed on 16, and didnt see 17.04 wasnt supported. Is my only answer redoing my seedbox?

yes only way would be to reinstall the os

Are you sure?

I just spoke to my friend who did the upgrade on his seedbox, same seedbox server, and his upgraded to 17.04 with no issue. So there’s got to be a way to make it work

well quickbox does not support it so not sure but could be if he upgraded then the dependencies were already their

So i figured out that Rtorrent isnt broken at all. If i log in as the user, I can manually run “rtorrent” and it starts up and runs perfectly. But if i reboot the seedbox, i have to log back in as the user and do it again. In the past I never had to manually start the service.

Now I have 2 user accounts on there. Ron and 94tbird. 94tbird is the account that runs rtorrent, but any maintenance i do on the box, I use Ron. Is there any way to make the rtorrent service start automatically after a reboot as the user 94tbird without me manually logging in to do this?

also notice that if i log out of the console, rtorrent quits. it will only run when currently logged in

There should be no need to manually start rtorrent as the service will fire up on boot automatically. It’s possible this is an openssl issue, however, I don’t have enough data to confirm this.

What happens if you run apt -y install rtorrent and then restart the service with systemctl restart rtorrent@USERNAMEHERE? 17.04 is not tested by myself at this time as I am opting to keep it on LTS for the time being and Ive not enough time in my day to test short life OS installs.

Thanks for the response,

When I run the apt -y install rtorrent command, I am told that "rtorrent is already the newest version (0.9.6-2build1). "

When I run “systemctl restart rtorrent@” I get no error message but Rtorrent is not running

If i log in as 94tbird and run rtorrent, it will start, but only for the current session, until i log out.

Could you send a PM my way with login details to your server, I will try to figure out what’s going on with your install, however, I can’t guarantee anything as, once again, I’ve not tested anything with 17.04 and this could be an issue between your OS and rtorrent in general.

Downgraded OS version