Search Box is trying to connect to

In the search box I am getting following error…

Failed to connect to

Why is it trying to connect to this website. How can I delete this please?

Hello @ADz-83,

Which search box ? from the QB Web UI ?
Do you have a screenshot ?

There is no search anywhere on the QuickBox WebUI. What search are you speaking of?

I think he’s talking about the feed. The lab moved to Git and I think that he hasn’t updated his QuickBox to the latest version that has its ecosystem hosted on Git. Therefore, he gets the error because the server is still trying to access the lab. I had a similar issue with my Kimsufi box…

My apologies. I was referring to the torrent search box in ruTorrent. At time of screen there was no text but it seems to pop in randomly.

Mmmm, I’ll need to look into that. That search is an indexer from within ruTorrent, has nothing to do with QuickBox as we do not maintain the ruTorrent application. I’ve no idea why it would be connecting to the old lab…

Anyone else able to confirm this? I can’t see how this would be possible, nor can I replicate that type of behavior.

Mine searches torrents loaded i rutorrent. As it should

I’ve not noticed it again yet so not sure what caused it. I’ll update thread if/when it returns.

Please do, as that search is no way tied to anything QuickBox.